Holy Place


For what is this place? For what serves the priests? What is the Bible?
To say what is right or wrong? Noo! Even if you do not admit it, you already know what is right or wrong, what is good or bad. So all this is for those who can not be what you want to be, namely:
* If you want to be a bad person, who rape, kill, steal, the worst kind of person possible, but can not without help, then you do not need help here, find a trafficker that it will helps you.
* If you want to be a good person, without distress, seek happiness, have motivation to live, but can not without help, so those things I mentioned earlier serve to help you.
Friend of God:

Who is not the friend of God, life is good for nothing. And that is why the godless people want and seek an answer to their lives, when there's nothing, no response at all without God.