Friday, July 27, 2012

Syobon Action - PSP - version R3

* Many more optimization for speed up (133Mhz run very well, all levels). In the future I will try make a NDS version (but the develkit have to be more usable, stable, and less changes of API).
* Signed version for OFW users
* Release compacted in 7z (use the 7zip or other compatible to extract)
* Save and Load options! \o/

* joystick:
- On main menu:
START = Init the game play.
R - load the saved level (use START button after that)
CIRCLE - start random generated new level

- On the game play:
SELECT = back to main menu (and reset the level for the first, then you will need load again if you want play the saved level)
L = suicide (kill), and make a persistent save of the level
R = speed mode (for make fast the boring parts)
Digital Pad LEFT = go to left :)
Digital Pad RIGHT = go to right :)
Digital Pad DOWN = make something too (like the arrow down in PC version) :)

* Normal version, without clock change "in code"
syobon_DA_r3_signed.7z (Signed for OFW)

* Low clock version (133MHz,133MHz,66MHz)
syobon_DA_r3_133_66_signed.7z (Signed for OFW)

* Medium clock version (222MHz,222MHz,111MHz)
syobon_DA_r3_222_111_signed.7z (Signed for OFW)

- OFW is the original Sony firmware (without hack). I not tested the signed version on OFW, but I hope it's work.

- Checksum and direct links using gdriveurl online convert (for some reason, in some places, you can't download without login on google):
6fcdca2f388b4ff156a7760d7713f518  syobon_DA_r3_133_66.7z
5b2e090af11a1a74514f65fea4100676  syobon_DA_r3_133_66_signed.7z
05bca7d76c9179dcaef68608c6405d4a  syobon_DA_r3_222_111.7z
fc3a6f771afafe29fbecdad560cecdb1  syobon_DA_r3_222_111_signed.7z
3041cb04b7c287067543aedb87b46ff6  syobon_DA_r3.7z
e9f1d58ccf9b83671e7c472c3f7af507  syobon_DA_r3_signed.7z

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gentoo linux distclean script update for python3

Just a update for the script distclean ( now ) for working with python3:


Monday, May 2, 2011

Syobon Action - PSP - version R2


* Digital Pad support.

* Analog Pad Disabled, for more stable  Digital Pad.

* Added more features:
- randomized level (just for fun)
- suicide option :)
- speed mode

* joystick:

START = ENTER button.
SELECT = back to main menu (press during play)
L = suicide (kill)
R = speed mode
CIRCLE (during main menu) = randomized level
Digital Pad LEFT = go to left :)
Digital Pad RIGHT = go to right :)
Digital Pad DOWN = make something too (like the arrow down in PC version) :)

Link: syobon_DA_r2.rar (download the new r3 version with save and load options here)

CTorrent-DNH-PSP-DA-v1.5 - append version R2


* patchs:
- ctorrent-3.3.2-negative-ints.patch
- ctorrent-CVE-2009-1759.patch


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Syobon Action - PSP, full speed at low clock for increases your battery's life

I have make a version of the Syobon Action - PSP running fullspeed at:

* cpu frequency: 133 MHz
* ram frequency: 133 MHz
* bus frequency: 66 MHz
for increases your battery's life.

Link: syobon_DA_133_66.rar (download the new r3 version here)

** EDIT:
fullspeed for until the castle phase for 133/66, then I compile one version:
* cpu frequency: 222 MHz
* ram frequency: 222 MHz
* bus frequency: 111 MHz
Its still low clock, then increases your battery's life. For who can't get in castle phase, the 133/66 version still a good version. Sometime I will make a hybrid, changing the clock for the each phase. Test this game its a hard task for me (sorry for this).

link: syobon_DA_222_111.rar (download the new r3 version here)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Syobon Action - PSP port and speed up for fullspeed

After a hard work, I did the port of Syobon Action game for the PSP.

* With lot of bug fixes.

* Greatly increased speed in the game logic, and image processing. For fullspeed in PSP.

* Text in english.

** This is an improved version of the SDL version of Syobon Action (also known as Cat Mario or Neko Mario). The original website is at: (if you understand japanese).

Control and keys:
Control PAD: for movement and jump
X: for jump too

Please note that I am not the author of Syobon Action, I just improved the
SDL port and made it run on PSP (again).

link: syobon_DA.rar (download the new r3 version here)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My mod of the ctorrentpsp - CTorrent-DNH-PSP-DA-v1.5

In a bored moment, I made some changes to ctorrentpsp by danzel:


* (summarizing) A lot of bugfix and improvements by updating  from "ctorrent-dnh3.2" to "ctorrent-dnh3.3.2". You can see for yourself in

* Create the ctorrentpsp.ini for some configuration. For now, it just have one: "torrent_dir" - the directory where the CTorrent-DNH-PSP-DA will read the torrents.

I will make other modifications, but not this time.