Friday, July 27, 2012

Syobon Action - PSP - version R3

* Many more optimization for speed up (133Mhz run very well, all levels). In the future I will try make a NDS version (but the develkit have to be more usable, stable, and less changes of API).
* Signed version for OFW users
* Release compacted in 7z (use the 7zip or other compatible to extract)
* Save and Load options! \o/

* joystick:
- On main menu:
START = Init the game play.
R - load the saved level (use START button after that)
CIRCLE - start random generated new level

- On the game play:
SELECT = back to main menu (and reset the level for the first, then you will need load again if you want play the saved level)
L = suicide (kill), and make a persistent save of the level
R = speed mode (for make fast the boring parts)
Digital Pad LEFT = go to left :)
Digital Pad RIGHT = go to right :)
Digital Pad DOWN = make something too (like the arrow down in PC version) :)

* Normal version, without clock change "in code"
syobon_DA_r3_signed.7z (Signed for OFW)

* Low clock version (133MHz,133MHz,66MHz)
syobon_DA_r3_133_66_signed.7z (Signed for OFW)

* Medium clock version (222MHz,222MHz,111MHz)
syobon_DA_r3_222_111_signed.7z (Signed for OFW)

- OFW is the original Sony firmware (without hack). I not tested the signed version on OFW, but I hope it's work.

- Checksum and direct links using gdriveurl online convert (for some reason, in some places, you can't download without login on google):
6fcdca2f388b4ff156a7760d7713f518  syobon_DA_r3_133_66.7z
5b2e090af11a1a74514f65fea4100676  syobon_DA_r3_133_66_signed.7z
05bca7d76c9179dcaef68608c6405d4a  syobon_DA_r3_222_111.7z
fc3a6f771afafe29fbecdad560cecdb1  syobon_DA_r3_222_111_signed.7z
3041cb04b7c287067543aedb87b46ff6  syobon_DA_r3.7z
e9f1d58ccf9b83671e7c472c3f7af507  syobon_DA_r3_signed.7z


  1. please give a free download.thx

    1. Sorry, I don't understand. I have tested the download many times, no logged on google, using a different browser, on a different net connection, and all download fine (I check the md5sum too => no corrupted files).
      The download is free. If the google activate the preview, then you can download from menu "File -> Download" of gdocs (or the new gdrive), or you can use shortcut key "Ctrl + S".
      If any link is off, then let me know. The new gdrive can have a new limitation. Then I will mirror on the other place.

  2. i don´t like login by google.
    soory i´m not a friend of to do login somewhere.
    Thank you for your effort.

    1. Me neither. All files have public access shared (Public on the web - Anyone on the Internet can find and view). You can download without login. But is the first time I have used the new "google drive" share on "google docs". From the rules, nobody will have problem downloading (it don't have speed limitation, or another restriction), but to be sure: warn me, if you need, I will try fix :)
      Thanks for comment. All feedback is welcome.

  3. soory but it´s in this moment the same.
    i must to be login by google to download it .
    public access (it´s not right at this moment).
    hope you change it ;)

    1. I don't have that issue here. But I get the problem.
      I have used a gdriveurl service to convert the links (I hope it will be ok). The converted links, are together with md5 checksum.

  4. I got no problems with your downloads. I guess it is "his" browser or pc i had such a problem myself a while ago.
    (idk delete cookies?!)

    Thanks for the update. I played all ver. with 6.20ofw. Here is a compressed eboot syobon DA r3 133 66 signed (shrunk).rar

    1. Maybe a local problem, maybe a google rules for some regions, maybe something else. Many things are possible. But, we always can get a better solution, and this better solution (gdriveurl converted links) came from this kind of report. I don't care much about the source of the problem, but where I will provide a solution (The Heart Of A Developer).
      The mediafire free links can expires easily, I like more the gdrive with converted direct links using gdriveurl for the alternative. Anyway, thanks for the link.

  5. thx toBsucht
    here from him the game without login

  6. I don't have said before, but: Anyone feel free to use and publish. The original came from Japan ( ), that originated the Open Syobon Action project on the source forge ( ), and translated for the Dave ( ), after that ported and optimized for run on PSP.
    I think, we all would like people to enjoying (and publish) without worrying about any kind of license.
    This comment was just for people who care about this. No need to worry.

  7. How to install it in psp? There is no iso file

    1. Hi! Just to make sure, download the syobon_DA_r3_signed.7z and unpack on the "PSP/GAME" folder on your memory card. There is one tutorial with images here: