Thursday, March 31, 2011

Syobon Action - PSP, full speed at low clock for increases your battery's life

I have make a version of the Syobon Action - PSP running fullspeed at:

* cpu frequency: 133 MHz
* ram frequency: 133 MHz
* bus frequency: 66 MHz
for increases your battery's life.

Link: syobon_DA_133_66.rar (download the new r3 version here)

** EDIT:
fullspeed for until the castle phase for 133/66, then I compile one version:
* cpu frequency: 222 MHz
* ram frequency: 222 MHz
* bus frequency: 111 MHz
Its still low clock, then increases your battery's life. For who can't get in castle phase, the 133/66 version still a good version. Sometime I will make a hybrid, changing the clock for the each phase. Test this game its a hard task for me (sorry for this).

link: syobon_DA_222_111.rar (download the new r3 version here)

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