Sunday, March 27, 2011

My mod of the ctorrentpsp - CTorrent-DNH-PSP-DA-v1.5

In a bored moment, I made some changes to ctorrentpsp by danzel:


* (summarizing) A lot of bugfix and improvements by updating  from "ctorrent-dnh3.2" to "ctorrent-dnh3.3.2". You can see for yourself in

* Create the ctorrentpsp.ini for some configuration. For now, it just have one: "torrent_dir" - the directory where the CTorrent-DNH-PSP-DA will read the torrents.

I will make other modifications, but not this time.


  1. Works for the most part (starts up and connects to internet) but when it trys to download a torrent (doesnt matter which one) EVERY time at the bottome right side it says,


    and it never downloads! It stays at 0%
    Is there a fix for this? Why does it do this?
    Even the old Ctorrent App did this... it never works with any torrent I try.

  2. I think its a bug of the firmware version, case this homebrew I tested myself, and its work (the old version too). But if you give me more information about the firmware (and PSP version) you are using, then I can try solve this problem. Anyway, thanks for comment.

  3. ummm. is there any way to pause the download?

  4. If you leave that homebrew and return, then you do not lose what was downloaded. I use it like a "pause"

  5. okay thanks for the info, But a better pause function from within the homebrew would be really awesome.

  6. Do not worry, I will gradually improve this homebrew. But first, support for the SSL encryption.

  7. Hi

    i like ur stuff. Can i contact u thru mail?

  8. For start email contact, you can use this form:

  9. hi there,
    i never expected that i would get a reply from a epic homebrew maker, only after the original ctorrent creator. i am ur great admirer. here i hav a PSP slim with 5.50 GEN-D3. I tried everything i can, still i cannot make any torrent to start up.Think you can suggest something. And i am too learning C++ for psp stuff, so i kinda will require help from you later too.

    Padmakar (Ultimate Gamer)

  10. Padmakar (Ultimate Gamer) : Answered by email.
    To develop mobile, you need to know well the limitations of the hardware (in this case, the PSP).
    Feel free to ask any questions by email.

  11. Hi there
    I'm using a PSP 3004 with 6.60 PRO-B10 and the torrents just won't start.
    I've seen on videos that with 5.00 M33 it works.
    Shall I downgrade?
    Thank you in advance

  12. First, you have to be sure using a http only torrent file and tracker (this version don't support https protocol and don't support authentication too). I like the 5.00 M33-6 Prometheus 4, and I'm using this version for test. It should work on most current firmware, but Sony made ​​changes to try to stop our work (there's even a fight between Sony and the hacker community).
    I was developing a new client from scratch, but I ran out of money and I'm selling my PSP. So I do not develop, for a while, or test what I already did. Sorry for that.

    Anyway, you should use the R2 version:

  13. Thanks for replying.
    I tried to download R2, but only thing comes up for me is a messy Gdocs page.
    Atm, I'm forced to use my PSP, because my PC is in service ( .-.)
    Can you please upload it somewhere for me?
    If that one won't work either, guess I'll need to downgrade.
    Thank you again

  14. This happened because the Gdocs is now opening compressed files in rar format. But you still can use the "Download (1MB)" in the upper right (although I don't know how this will appear on PSP; anyway the button will be there and the page of Gdocs is the lightest that I have available at the moment for viewing on the PSP).
    About the downgrade, I would like to say: it's a bit extreme for this homebrew that supports only very few torrent files (http type). And perhaps this version is already running on your PSP (I hope), you just have chosen the wrong torrent file (eg: one that uses https).
    Eventually when my financial situation become more stable, I will launch a new implementation that does not have these limitations and will run all kinds of torrents. I'm hoping for that.

  15. now i got it sorted out. turned out opera messed up gdocs. with bolt it is ok.
    however, it still won't work. my torrents i have tried are from pbay and kickasstorrent.
    i bought my psp for ~130 usd. that was a nice price for one with lots of extra stuff. guess you can find one for less.
    luckily, my friend volunteered to dl some games for me :)
    i wish you the best whatever you choose and thank you for the informations.

  16. Unfortunately, in Brazil, the Information Technology (IT) workers receive very little money. They go through basic difficulties, from housing to food. And for that reason, at that time, 130usd is a lot to me.
    Is very sad to me say these things, but it is our reality in Brazil.
    So I can't do tests on PSP for a while. Sorry for this. But I will try to help as I can.

  17. hello can you help me when i start download something some torrents are work but mostly are not downloading its still 0%
    and its says;

    canyou help me i will pay you some btc if i have :/

    1. Is the torrent file that you use. It can only have "http" connections and not have to authenticate, for ctorrent work.
      You can download another torrent file or use some torrent web client.

      ps: Thanks but at the moment I need health not money, I'm very sick for a long time -_-

  18. and i am using psp 2000 slim black 6.61 pro c can you help me my brother please :/